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Greentown Handyman is a local veteran owned / operated  family business offering personal service in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Home Repair, Mobile Home Repair, Lawn Mower / Small Engine / Equipment Repair and Commercial Wood Shop featuring one of a kind hand made items.

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About Greentown Handyman

Greentown Handyman offers local professional personal service to our community. The company is owned by Ronda Hillman a local US Navy veteran. It is run as a family business and volunteer staffed by her husband, a US Army veteran, her children and sometimes local family friends volunteer on the jobs. Since being diagnosed with MS 12 years ago, Ronda can no longer do the work in the heat so her family and friends stepped up so she could keep an income coming in after she could no longer do her regular jobs.

Ronda moved to Greentown 25 years ago and her husband is originally from Greentown. Their ties to the community go all the way back to the Palm Sunday tornados of 1965 and they have the pictures to prove it. This is what was left of her husbands house below. Many Greentown residents will remember that day but these pictures are new to them. We hope you get a kick out of seeing some new pictures from that day, they found a piece of our mail in Ohio.


Our Mission Statement

Local Personal Service: At Greentown Handyman, we realize that making the customer happy is the first step to repeat business. We give free estimates and do most work by hand for that personal touch. We would rather have life long local customers than grow into one of those businesses that just show up, do the job as fast and cheap as possible and move on the the next job. We love working with customers to see their visions come alive.

Customer Relations: We have a growing list of customers that would not call anybody else for their lawn care and home repairs and that is not by accident. With free estimates, personal service and the most reasonable rates in town,we are proud to serve our local community and have met some of the nicest people in Greentown. We would personally like to thank our customers for making this the most enjoyable venture we have ever undertaken.

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