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Greentown Handyman is a local veteran owned / operated  family business offering personal service in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Home Repair, Mobile Home Repair, Lawn Mower / Small Engine / Equipment Repair and Commercial Wood Shop featuring one of a kind hand made items.

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 Both of these panel boxes were add on panel boxes run off the existing panel box. One added inside the drywall and the other is a build out in a garage with a generator plug in wired direct and a separate shut off put on the incoming service.

New Add On Panel Box New Add On Panel Box w Direct Generator Hook Up

 This was an install of a new water pressure tank moved from the crawl space to the laundry room along with a new water softener, water heater and double whole house filters. We also replaces the copper pipes throughout the house with PEX through the original pipe holes. That included new hangers and pipe insulation and new pipes, access panels with new pipes all the way to the fixtures with new shut off valves at each fixture.

Water Pressure Tank Replacement and Relocation from Crawl Space Water Heater and Water Softener Install
Dual Whole House Filter Install

 This was a complete room addition where we special ordered trusses for a high ceiling where you can’t see the addition from the front of the house. We did the complete addition and these pictures were taken before we finished the gables with siding that matched the current gables as we were waiting on the siding order.

Room Addition

 This job was turning a garage into a recreation room and adding a 3.5 car garage to a house in Sharpsville. We used brick to close the old garage door and busted out the driveway to add a driveway for the new garage. You can’t really tell the new addition from the original house if you look at it now.

3.5 Car Garage Addition
3.5 Car Garage Addition
3.5 Car Garage Addition

 This is how we solved a flat roof problem for a customer that had been having leaks repaired almost yearly. It just tool a little pitch to solve the problem permanently and we did our best to make it look like it was there to begin with.

Flat Roof Pitch Build Up


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