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Greentown Handyman is a local veteran owned / operated  family business offering personal service in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Home Repair, Mobile Home Repair, Lawn Mower / Small Engine / Equipment Repair and Commercial Wood Shop featuring one of a kind hand made items.

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Hourly Kubota Rate Guide

Kubota OPERATOR : Kent Pennington - CALL 765-210-5715

 You can get the Kubota with operator by the hour. The Kubota has the options of a Front Loader Bucket,  Brush Grabber and Driveway Grader. The rates for each are listed below for option for each hour.

KUBOTA using brush grabber
KUBOTA with Grabber and Grader

                    HOURLY KUBOTA RATE

For Kubota with Operator we charge $50.00 per hour with whatever attachment combination needed. For substrate hualing, please call for prices.

For KUBOTA work or Substrate Hauling please call Kent at 765-210-5715

For KUBOTA work or substrate hauling - Call 765-215-5715 - Ask for Kent !

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