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Greentown Handyman is a local veteran owned / operated  family business offering personal service in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Home Repair, Mobile Home Repair, Lawn Mower / Small Engine / Equipment Repair and Commercial Wood Shop featuring one of a kind hand made items.

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Greentown Handyman Commercial / Residential Lawn Care Services

 Greentown Handyman offers two levels of Lawn Care Service. We offer a basic service on an as needed basis and a weekly service. Weekly service customers come first and enjoy a care free service billed on a weekly basis. We offer both commercial and residential lawn care service which are detailed below. See photos of some of our work HERE !

Bad Boy 4' Commercial Mower
Bad Boy Mower - John Deere Mower - Poulan Mower
  1.                       Basic Mowing Service

 Our basic mowing service includes mowing and trim on an as needed basis and requires the customer to contact us for an estimate and scheduling the service. This option requires cash payment at the time the service is finished.

 This service does not include walk edging nor weed control on walks and driveways or parking lots. It does not include limb removal. If you have a lot of stuff laying in your yard, we just mow around it. All mowing jobs outside of Greentown have a minimum of $35.00 regardless of yard size.

     2.                     Weekly Lawn Care Service

 Our weekly residential and commercial service gives our regular customers a care free approach to their lawns. This service includes weekly mowing, trimming, weed control in walks, drives and parking lots and walk edging.

We have limited spots every season for weekly Service customers and we bill after the service is finished and expect payment before the next week’s service is performed. Contact us for a free weekly service estimate.

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