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Greentown Handyman is a local veteran owned / operated  family business offering personal service in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Home Repair, Mobile Home Repair, Lawn Mower / Small Engine / Equipment Repair and Commercial Wood Shop featuring one of a kind hand made items.

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 This job was to repair a flooded walkway and landscape the front of a section of the house. It required 200 blocks, 3 tons of dirt, 3.5 tons of River Rock, 2.5 tons of White Decorative Stone, 1 roll of under layment, 100 staples, 12 tubes of block adhesive, 3 bags of sand, 10 paving blocks, 55 Kokomo Bricks.

Before and After Walkway Job
Walkway job in process
Before and After walkway job in progress
Before and After walkway job in progress
Walkway job in progress
Walkway job in progress
Walkway job finished and faux stones anchored

 This pole barn was flooding every time it rained. All the soil on the north side had washed away over the years. Without disturbing the tree line we built a treated wood retaining wall, filled it with top soil and planted grass. We put large rocks with grass seed along the outside of the retaining wall for flood waters to be able to run beside it without the soil washing away. The wall is 17” tall 60’ long and the pole barn has not had any water since even with flooding.

Retaining wall to prevent flppding in building
Retaining wall to control flooding in building
finished retaiing wall after grass planted.

 This job was at a local business where the fence around their dumpster had just gone bad with age. We were able to remove the bushes beside the fence that had helped push it down over 20 years before starting. We were able to save the posts and beef up the front posts for the gate. We replaced the rails with treated 2”x4” and added new treated dog eared pickets. We built new gates and used new hardware with a two latches and locking handle to secure the dumpster while the business is closed. It is all stained with Cabot Cordovan Brown Full Color Deck Stain. You have to give it a close up inspection to tell it from composite.

Dumpster fence replacement
Dumpster fence preperation for pickets
Dumpster fence treated wood after deck stain
Gate Construction in Process
Gate and Picket Installation in Process
Gates Finished and Pickets Finished, Awaiting  Stain
Finished Privacy Fence / Dumpster Area
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